Straaberg’s Game of Life – free game

This is a Game of Life Simulation based on Conway’s Game of Life (link to Wikipedia). You can freely use (and modify and distribute) this simulation for any purpose you may see fit. It is open source and free software released with a un-restrictive license.

The simulation runs the Game of Life according to the rules described by John Horton Conway. The ‘game’ aims to simulate single cell organisms. Depending on the neighbours of each cell, the cell will either come to life, die out or stay as it is. This can generate a lot of fascinating patterns as the generations evolve.

Game of Life can be used in schools or classes to look at evolving populations, and how they may thrive or die out over time. Or you can just play with it and enjoy the patterns that show up.

Have fun.

About the game

Tools/framework: Godot Engine v. 2.1.3.
Version: 1.0.0. May 2017
License: Open Source MIT License

Windows Setup file. 32 bit.

Creates a proper installed program, easily removed from Control Panel.

Windows Executable (zipped). 32 bit.

Should work for most. Unzip to a folder and run game-of-life-simulation-1.0.0-win32.exe.

Please note on install or run: The game executable is an unsigned Windows application. So you may recieve a warning about potentially harmful software from Windows or your antivirus software. Download from the Github repository and are safe. If you find the software from other sources, always be careful.

Source code: On Github –


Screenshot from Straaber's Game of Life Simulation